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Die Aufgabe:
In 1999 Canon Germany asked uns: "Create the home of digital photography".

Unser Lösungsansatz
In 1999, powershot.de was the first online fotocommunity in Germany. Regular editorial meetings with the client and twmd provide a basis for the monthly thematic update that is applied to all associated categories of the site. powershot.de offers its community a photo contest including a hosted forum, an expanding list of various workshops dealing with relevant technical issues and interesting insights on current product trends.
The usermanagement operates with an individual user access database.

Eventrelated raffles support the attractiveness and increase the online-traffic.
During 4 years the amount of registered useres rose up to 15,000; each month more than 100,000 visitors are counted. Tendency: rising.

Unsere Leistungen:
conception,  databse design,  design,  dynamic flash,  editorial,  hosting,  HTML und PHP