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Snap the right moment and win
Die Aufgabe:
Designing and engineering of a multilangual online-raffle as a promotional tool to draw traffic to Canon Europe´s community site "MyCanon" Portal and to attract visitors to Canon´s Photokina stand 2004 in Cologne.

Unser Lösungsansatz
The game...:
Studio Tomeczek designed and developed the individual scenarios, characters, the game functionality and administrates the highscore data. Goal of the game is to shoot a predefined set of motifs within a time limit using restricted ressources. The game is updated regularly with new scenarious to keep attractiveness. Outdated scenes can still be played in an archive.
On the Photokina stand more than 1500 users registered for the game.

... and the proper E-Card:
An additional E-Card-kit allows users to create individual E-Cards out of elements from the game. This module works as a viral marketing instrument: When a receiver gets an E-Card, he can himself create another E-Card and play the game - a strong multiplier through one-to-one marketing.

Unsere Leistungen:
databse design,  design concept,  didactic concept,  dynamic flash,  hosting,  HTML,  implementation in 10 languages,  MySQL,  PHP und XML - interface
» http://deu-game.snapshot.canon-europe.com/