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International design art for Canon Europe
Die Aufgabe:
Project challenge was to create a visually strong product representation of the new PIXMA brand that establishes and strengthens PIXMA's position in the popular market of personal photo printers. The website wants to reflect PIXMA's product concept of combining cutting edge design matched with top performance.

Unser Lösungsansatz
PIXMA products shall become an integral part of their users everyday environment. The design plays a key role in their branding process.
The value of creativity and inspiration connected to the product image should be reflected by the concept of the site. We chose to place the product and its technical specifications in virtual environments that are customized to fit our target groups. The animations surprise with their associative, invidual visual language and were conceived by various artists from various countries.

Unsere Leistungen:
3D rendering,  conception,  design,  dynamic flash,  hosting,  HTML,  implementation in 10 languages,  PHP und XML - interface
» http://www.studio-tomeczek.de/pixma/